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china quality long march: tongliao meihua awarded 2013 annual autonomous region president quality award

large inner mongolia as a mainly biological fermentation of one of the large industrial groups, and tongliao meihua bio-tech company has been adhering to environmentally friendly, resource-saving, quality road of security, science and technology innovation. april 2014, the inner mongolia tongliao meihua won the year 2013 the highest quality honor--"chairman quality award", became one of the five enterprises in inner mongolia autonomous region, won the award. tongliao meihua bio meihua biological technology limited is a shanghai-listed company (full name meihua biological technology group company limited) located in tongliao city, inner mongolia, a wholly-owned subsidiary, the company focuses on fermentation products, research and development, production and sales, products include amino acids, spices, polysaccharides, capsules and other major areas, mainly used in food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, feed additives, flavor and other fields.

meihua series results of the group, and over the years has always adhered to the "quality is the life" is closely related to narrow from the initial product and service quality is now more generalized business quality meihua quality management as a business survival is always working to catch. when it comes to quality award president declared, and tongliao meihua bio-tech, general manager wang aimin said: "chairman quality award award is an evaluation of comprehensive quality of enterprise management level, using the most advanced and scientific standards. tongliao meihua the participation declaration to our management, is a comprehensive assessment and evaluation. by an external expert evaluation and self-evaluation, we find a higher quality management of space, which greatly promoted the development of the company. ”

according to understand, autonomous regions president quality award is inner mongolia autonomous region, government established of highest quality honors, the award for annual award, main grant in autonomous regions registration registered, and has widely social visibility and influence, and implementation excellence performance management mode, and quality management level and independent innovation capacity in district within industry in the in leading status, and made significantly economic and social benefits of units, in principle award units annual not over 5 a, industry recognized degrees very high.

in december 2013, autonomous and collaborative review of quality and technology supervision bureau in tongliao city experts came to tongliao meihua company, launched the "autonomous region chairman quality award" of the site assessment work. during the 3-day review process, departments for routine quality control process were a good show, work by the review team of expert’s consistent affirmation and recognition.

tongliao meihua company quality widely favored not only by customers, it also recognizes and rewards by the relevant departments of the state. in 2006 by the state industrial and commercial bureau awarded the honors of well-known trademarks in china, awarded by the people's government of inner mongolia autonomous region, 2011 "advanced unit in inner mongolia autonomous region, quality management," the honorary title. in 2013, it is evaluated by china entry-exit inspection and quarantine association as "china quality credit enterprise".

tongliao meihua said that will be the chairman quality award as an opportunity to further the implementation of performance management, to promote sustainable development for the country's economic and social development and make greater contribution to the building.

quality and write a new chapter development of meihua

--some reasons behind the discussion on tongliao meihua honors

april 2014, subject to stringent reporting and review, and tongliao meihua was awarded the 2013 chairman quality award, the highest honor the quality of inner mongolia autonomous region.

throughout the development of tongliao meihua from the plant, it is easy to see, and tongliao meihua received quality awards are ripe, the president deserves to be there, a show is the accumulation of years of practical results. over the years, meihua has always adhered to the "quality is the life of enterprise" business creed, from the first special product and service quality is now more generalized business quality meihua quality management as a business survival is always working to catch.

from products to manage, from management to improve the quality of cultural

tongliao meihua as meihua group growth and development of important strategy base, management team has been adhere to "development cycle economic, benefit china agricultural" of enterprise mission, by initially single of msg production enterprise development for currently world amino acids category up, and industry chain most long of amino acids production enterprise, covers based chemical, and agricultural processing, and high-end biological technology three big field, in growth course in the formed has "people stand cheng, thing specializing in heart, industry sheng yu letter. and, by far, "the core values and corporate culture. through the training system and implementation of lean management, actively improve the atmosphere for staff learning and continuous improvement. height attention quality security, by general manager play quality security of first responsibility people, build professional of regulatory work team, implementation iso quality management system, and haccp food security management system, and brc global food security standard certification, and ip non-gm sex, advanced of food security management system, ensure from raw materials source began to products logistics process of full quality security guarantee, while established has should problem of emergency reaction mechanism and products security recalled plans. adopt a differentiated approach to meet customer needs, develop customer information process, clear customer information auditing responsibilities, according to the customer's size, enterprise customers are classified as strategic customers, key accounts, important clients and customers, and through visits, focused sales strategy and credit three ways to improve customer satisfaction.

has been yilai, company always practice line quality leading principles, from production began on strictly according to quality, and food security, and environment, and career health, management system requirements for system of of production operation, 2007 has, national authority certification audit company annual on tongliao meihua company of iso9001 quality management system, and iso22000 food security management system, and iso14001 environment management system and iso18000 career health security management system, third party audit, nestle, and international clients such as unilever audit was successfully passed.

also, company also clear has products and operation by produced of in environmental protection, and food security, and public health, and career health security, and can resources consumption, aspects of effect and the control measures, foreseen has public in environmental protection, and food health security, aspects of worries, and developed has corresponding of should measures, while developed behavior specification, and moral behavior management program to specification employees behavior.

technical facilities is rich in resources, and application of the management model of advanced

companies with the technical competitiveness of the domestic leading position, each year devote substantial funding to technology research and development, has won the "provincial enterprise technology center". companies in product development, technology development, technological transformation and tianjin industrial biotechnology research institute, chinese academy of sciences, the national chemical engineering technology research center, china research institute of food and fermentation industries such as universities and research institutes, engineering company has established a wide range of cooperation, resource sharing. jiangnan university and tianjin university of science and technology set up school-enterprise joint laboratory, the active use of international advanced standards, and in developing industry standards and the national standards.

in addition, the company is also equipped with a state of the art infrastructure and resources. has domestic production capacity maximum, and technology content highest of amino acids line, this based shang further formed has hot electrical cogeneration, and fertilizer back field, and in the water back with, has resources utilization rate high, and green economic industry features of cycle industry chain, build has domestic industry chain most long, and varieties up of amino acids production base, achieved has will corn raw materials eat dry squeezed net, green development of business concept.

process design, new technologies are widely used

full application of new technologies in the design process of the company, such as: world-class biological, water recycling and emission reduction technology to reduce emissions, conserve water resources using new technology and equipment of monosodium glutamate research and development scientific and technological content and applications in order to improve product quality, and reduce costs.

meanwhile, take variety shaped of effective of method support value created process of implementation and improved, building cycle industry chain, achieved business performance and environmental energy-saving of harmony unified, as using mes, and ebs, information system achieved flow, and work flow and funds flow of collaborative, implementation fine benefits production, and gmp good operation specification and standardization production upgrade process efficiency and products quality; development process in the used research cooperation mechanism, and using flexible diverse of project organization and orthogonal test method, speed up development cycle, improve development success rate; financial management import international cash of software system, achieved efficient run, equipment management established standardization model workshop, implemented daily, and professional, and precision three level points check business, measures improve equipment of works raised repair level; in procurement management process used suppliers echelon construction, and abc procurement classification management, and 721 raw materials procurement incentive mechanism, and suppliers similar raw materials joint procurement, measures guarantee has material procurement of efficient, and low cost, efforts achieved and for party cooperation total win; from strategy target starting, established departments, workshop and kpi of each post, through the production of reports and other information sources and networks, third-party external sources of information, such as data collection, measurement, analysis and improvement.

tongliao meihua this series of initiatives in the quality management of the company has been recognized by clients and all levels of government and recognition. the future, tongliao meihua will also continue to adhere to the "honesty, integrity, and success" spirit of enterprise, constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, in order to achieve "as the world's leading enterprises, china's leading condiment enterprise of amino acids" strategic goals, to develop new areas of business, rapid diversification strategy added power.

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