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corporate responsibility

    social responsibility:

    in success, one tries to let others be benefited. during its rapid development, meihua actively undertakes its social responsibilities, devote itself into public welfare undertaking through all kinds of ways and repay the society and appreciate the country with enthusiasm and devotion. meihua successively helps residents around the factory to improve their healthcare conditions; supports new rural construction donates and builds boai elementary school and set up scholarship to aid outstanding students in finance……every year meihua invests millions of fund to support public welfare undertakings. we insist on returning society with our kindness, assisting others with our caring actions. 

    • on september 10, 2009, shimian county yanru boai elementary school donated and built by meihua group came into service. this project helps children from mountain area finish their studies, assists educational development of mountain area, repays and benefits the society

    • on april 16, 2010, meihua group donated to the earthquake stricken area of yushu qinghai province, contributed our kindness and encourage the compatriots of the disaster area. 

    • meihua group actively participates in commonweal undertakings in the local region of the factory. they help the poor, build roads and bridges, pay cooperative medical insurance for local people, jointly develop model community with local government. we insist on returning society with our kindness, assisting others with our caring actions. 

    environmental responsibilities:

    environmental protection is listed as a lifeline project of meihua group. it is with largest environmental protection input and best treatment degree in the industry. it’s the obligatory responsibility of meihua that improving the harmony between promoting the economic development and environmental protection. at present, it own most advanced treatment facilities of the industry for the three wastes (waste gas; waste water; industrial residue), firstly overcome the world problems for treating the smoke of spraying granulation, it is the first enterprise of our country that applies advanced holland paques water treating equipment. apply the closed cycle of fermentation technology; strengthen the management for water intake and drainage; in order to cyclic utilization of production water supply and reduce the water consumption, we implement the water-saving measures for integrating with ladder-form utilization and self circulation. the fermentation technology realizes closed cycle and the water circulation utilization rate reaches to more than 93%; build low concentration organic wastewater treatment measures, apply anaerobic and aerobic biochemical treatment process, realize reutilization of waste water; achieve breakthrough in flue gas treatment technology, the removal for undesirable odor of flue gas and sulfur dioxide of reaches more than 96%. 

    meihua actively carries out concept of environmental protection, fulfills the environmental protection responsibility with sense of ownership. people oriented, led by science and technology, meihua comprehensively build green brand image. 

    • at the beginning of 2009, imported the holland paques water treating technology, applied the world most advanced biological nitrogen removal technology, the level of sewage treatment is far superior to national standard. 

    • apply anaerobic biochemical treatment process to perform low concentration, organic wastewater treatment; the discharged waste water is far superior to national standard and the water can be used to water plant and culture fish.

    • september, 2009, meihua’s treatment technology for flue gas of spraying granulation reached more than 96% of removal rate for undesirable odor of flue gas and sulfur dioxide. 

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