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china food newspaper: meihua group’s new and old products appeared in shanghai cphi exhibition

on june 24, the 15th session of the cphi china exhibition (cphi china) opened in shanghai new international expo centre, meihua group of costumed appearance as an exhibitor with a variety of new and old products.

as bio-fermentation industry as china's leader, meihua blossom in the field of pharmaceutical amino acids achievements over the years. launched in 2007, glutamine has a high reputation in the market, after the introduction of the three branched chain amino acids in the market is very promising, pharmaceutical product line size, and food additives, feed additives, constitute the three major sections of meihua group's main business, have been widely used in medicine, health care and cosmetic industry.

it is worth mentioning that, clubs at the current official release of trehalose on the cphi exhibition products, declared their acceptance of the global order, selling and profit margins are very attractive. high technical threshold of trehalose has been monopolized by american and japanese manufacturers, the high price. on june 10, meihua group on its own research and development success of trehalose is finally off the production line, product purity 99.5%, meet the quality requirements of the international market to fill the gaps in technology and market in china. cphi during the exhibition, a grand promotion clubs, giving preferential purchasing customers of trehalose 5%-10%, the initiative quickly won a high degree of customer recognition, came the advisory cooperation.

in addition, thousands of exhibitors in this exhibition, there is a heavy-weight capsule manufacturers, this is the meihua group enterprises in shanxi guang-capsules. guang capsule is china capsule industry first brand, annual can for social provides 40 billion grain high quality of hollow capsule, is asia maximum of capsule production base, has world shang most advanced of capsule line, for china including tianjin sino-us history grams, and days lion group, and beijing tongrentang group zainei of pearson vue big medicine enterprises provides hollow capsule, became this times cphi exhibition shang a bright of landscape line.

meihua group of amino acids, sugars, capsules medicinal products in the health, pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates production plays an important role in leading biotech meihua will be based on the platform of bio-fermentation industry, to develop more and better products to the society to realize the "meihua quality global sharing" of vision.

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