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congratulate tongliao meihua company on wining the “demonstration enterprises on energy conservation and environmental protection”



advanced level of energy conservation and environmental protection always a dazzling label of meihua group factory as world respected factories. as a wholly owned subsidiary of the meihuagroup in inner mongolia, tongliao meihua biological technology co., ltd., is well-deserved as the environmental protection flagship of the industry. so far tongliao meihua company input environmental protection investment more than rmb 1 billion, the proportion of investment in energy conservation and environmental protection, its equipment, technology level, the introduction of advanced environmental protection science and technology strength, the implementation of the circular economy mode are all at the leading level. it has won the reputation of " demonstration enterprise on energy conservation and environmental protection“. this title is deserved to reward meihua.

on september 21, in the china fermentation industry association second general meeting and its special topic forum held in shanghai, meihuawon the title of" demonstration enterprise on energy conservation and environmental protection ". this is undoubtedly authority evaluation given by the experts for the meihua years of unremitting environmental protection investment, real and concrete performance of energy conservation and environmental protection.


tongliao meihua is located in mulitu industrial park tongliao city, inner mongolia. it is constructed by meihua group from 2003, put into operation in 2006, with a total investment of more than 10billion covers the basic chemical and deep processing of agricultural products, high-end biotechnology industries, has won the "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", "circular economy demonstration enterprise", "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "national hi-tech enterprise", "inner mongolia autonomous region president quality prize" and other honorary titles.


innovate environmental protection science and technology, keep leading comprehensively.

in strictly carrying out the work of clean production, energy audit and other works, at the same time, tongliao meihua constantly performs environmental technology innovation, and has achieved a lot of outcomes, for examples:

1、msg continuous crystallization process reduces 30% energy consumption and save 60% water;

2、cooperated with the scientific research institutions jointly developed successful gas treatment technology for spray granulation of amino acid waste liquid, solved the problem that has troubled the industry for years, won the scientific and technological progress first prize issued by the china light industry council, and has been listed in the cleaner production implementation scheme by ministry of industry and information technology of the people's republic of china.

3、invested more than 500 million yuan to build two sewage treatment plant, introduced the netherlands park company’s one of the world's most advanced processing technology, for and performed centralized treatment for all of the waste water produced by the company, and the wastewater treated all have achieved discharge standards prescribed by the state;


4、imported the evaporation concentration evaporator from germany, which is with energy consumption only up to a third of the domestic similar evaporator.

5、the process of sewage by anaerobic process produces a large amount of methane, collect it as a fuel for product drying, also provide it to urban pipeline, which protects the environment, and saves coal, it kills two birds with one stone.

6、actively develop circular economy pattern, further extract protein feed, organic fertilizer from the high concentration organic wastewater generated in the production process, which conforms to the national policy of comprehensive utilization of resources, and through the cognizance of state encouraged comprehensive utilization of resources products, realize the industry re-feeding agriculture.


use business intelligence to perform environmental protection;use environmental protection concept to promote business.

"develop circular economy;be benefit for china's agriculture" is the lofty mission of meihua group. tongliao meihua’s investment in environmental protection and governance effect are always in the domestic and international industry leading position.the environmental governance investment in recent five years is more than 1 billion yuan, it introduced and developed a number of international leading technology, leaded to the development of the environmental protection technology in the whole industry.

as one of the largest amino acid production enterprises, meihua must lead by example, play a leading role models, take effort and carefully operate in the green and sustainable development; in environmental governance,should act as the "model student", work better than the national standard, become the industry benchmark. at the same time, also will continue to invest heavily to constantly develop and research in energy saving, clean production, environmental governance industrialization, constantly optimize the existing product process, reduce energy consumption of the amino acid products, at the same time achieve benefit from the environmental production, and build the environmental protection an important advantage of the enterprise.











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